Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Real Dawg Pound: Move Over Randy Jackson

More entertaining than Lakisha Jones....
Sexier than Haley Scarnato....
Returning Melinda Doolittle to the back-up line....
and with better hair than Sanjaya Malakar....


The Zen Pooch is now on YouTube. We have our very own page where you can watch your pooch at play.

Click icon for pooches.

The short video clips we post are great way to join in the excitement of your pooch's experience with us. There is also no better comfort for those traveling than the sight and sound of your best friend. Our YouTube page allows you check in with us from anywhere in the world and makes it simple to share the videos with family & friends.

Monday, March 19, 2007

FDA Pet Food Recall - May Cause Kidney Failure

Clients & Friends -

I was watching the news the other evening when they reported on a nation-wide pet food recall. I then went to the NBC website where I found the following article. At the end of it there is a link to the FDA press release with more specific information.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the recall and I will do my best to help.


Company Recalls 60 Million Cans Of Pet Food

About 10 Animals Have Died

A major manufacturer of dog and cat food is recalling 60 million containers of wet food.

Menu Foods said it has received reports of dogs and cats suffering kidney failure after eating the food. About 10 animals died.

Menu Foods supplies store brands to Wal-Mart, Safeway, Kroger, PetSmart and other retailers. The recall covers its "cuts and gravy-style" food sold between early December and March. The food comes in cans and small foil pouches. It consists of chunks of meat in gravy.

The company said it is not sure what happened and product testing hasn't revealed a link that would explain the illnesses and deaths.

NBC affiliate KNBC obtained the following list of wet foods being taken off shelves due to the recall:

Sophisticat Authority Award Great Choice Iams Eukanuba Nutro Science Diet Mighty Dog Mixables


For more information, contact Menu Foods at 1-866-463-6738.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring Has Sprung

As we welcome spring, let us look at all the wonderful faces that made winter so bearable. (OK...so winter in LA isn't really that bad)

Click on the image below to see our slideshow.


Monday, March 12, 2007

Let the People Speak

“One difference between Scott and other walkers is that he makes time upfront to take detailed notes on the dog’s behaviors and habits. Therefore, he is highly aware of any issues that could possibly arise. I always feel my dogs are safe, my home is safe, and that my girls are happy after having been with him. Scott is one of the most professional, trustworthy and dependable people I know. I believe any pet owner who is obsessed about their animals as I am, will be quite pleased with The Zen Pooch.”
- Jami R., Client & Rescue Volunteer

“The Zen Pooch does a fabulous job looking after our two basset hounds when we travel. Scott has proven to be reliable and trustworthy. I especially appreciate his frequent updates and photo texts. Little touches – like a thank you note complete with our own dog’s picture – are indicative of the warm, personal treatment we’ve gotten from The Zen Pooch.”
- Greg L., Client

“I have known Scott for 5 years, both personally and professionally. Scott is a very caring individual and I have witnessed his passion for animals first hand. The unique services offered by The Zen Pooch are a perfect fit for my clientele. I look forward to proudly recommending Scott and his company.”
- Jackie K, Beverly Hills Real Estate Agent

** Reference details given to prospective clients

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


One of the greatest enjoyments of our job is filling clients in-boxes with photos and video clips of their pets at play.

That way they can:

- share in the excitement of a day at the park

- witness the simple joy of their pet's neighborhood romp

- ease the separation anxiety when out of town

- and for those prone to excessive worry, confirm that their pet is still alive : )

To see what you can expect as a Zen Pooch client, here are some examples:

Video clips and photos can be sent to your email, cell phone or PDA and will be posted for private viewing on our YouTube page.

Monday, March 5, 2007

For the Love of Pooches

On a beautiful Saturday (2/17) in West Hollywood, we joined up with 2 local rescue groups to host a free pet safety and adoption event for the community. There were many loving dogs, cats and even rabbits who are now one step closer to finding their forever homes. We also had a top-rate First-Aid presentation focusing on basic safety techniques every owner should know. Thank you to everyone who came out and all who contributed to a truly wonderful afternoon. Here are some pics from the event:

West Hollywood Park

Rescue pooch mugging for the camera.

Our safety & first-aid presentation was given by the wonderful Denise Fleck of Sunny Dog Ink

Some of the incredible volunteers from Molly's Mutts & Meows. Their selfless work is inspiring. Please consider fostering a rescue.

Checking out the pups!

Some delicious home-baked goodies 'for the humans' - yummy.

The one and only Molly

Our event in progress - only in WeHo!

Staying hydrated.

The fine folks from Best Friends Animal Society

This is Duncan. He's the coolest. You can adopt him HERE.