Monday, May 14, 2007

100% Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags

One of our goals at The Zen Pooch is to utilize products that not only benefit our pooches, but also help sustain the Earth.

We are proud to let you know that we exclusively use Certified 100% Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags from BioBag.

These are the ONLY poop bags that meet California law for biodegradable AND compostable products. You can even place them in the Green bins with other yard waste.

The following is some info from their website:

Our goal is to help divert all naturally biodegradable waste from entering our landfills. This includes food waste, yard waste, paper waste and pet waste. If any of these items are placed in an anaerobic (air-locked) landfill, their natural ability to biodegrade can be severely diminished.

The best solution for disposal of pet waste has always been to separate it from the bag or paper and flush it down the toilet. Using BioBags extends your options. The waste and the bag can be thrown in your backyard compost, where both items can decompose naturally; the waste and bag can be buried, where micro-organisms will quickly eat both; the waste and bag can be set at curbside with other yard waste where communities collect biodegradable waste for composting. Please check with your community for disposal options.

This is what biodegradable waste separation is all about. We thank you for being concerned, responsible pet owners.

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yanosan said...

While Biobags are, in fact, biodegradable, they are not the ONLY bag to meet California's strict rule.

Spike, BUSINESS BAGS, are made of 100% compostable plastic which complies with the ASTM6400-99.

They were actually the first such dog poop bags in the USA, while BioBags were introduced in Europe.

Spike is US company and a member of the Biodegradable Products Institute.